Saturday, November 24, 2007

Penguins Ref LL128 - $80

A great painiting for the bird lover or hang in a childs room for years and years. They will never outgrow this one.

Multi Coloured Abstract Ref LL178 - $80

Put this painting on a plain wall and change the whole concept of the room. This will go with any colour and brighten up any wall.

Highway Ref LL177 - $80

Looking at speed from a different angle

Green and Black Texture Ref LL131 - $25

The black is textured and slightly higher than
the canvas to show off the gold and white pattern.

Flax in a Frame Ref LL175 - $15

Edged with gold this painting will pick up the
light and become a great talking piece

Dingos at Dawn Ref LL174 - $60 (Reduced Price)

This is a textured painting inspired by the beautiful Australian outback.
****PLEASE NOTE ****
The bottom left hand corner has a small crease but is hardly noticable and if framed would not be seen,
hence the reduced price

Vacant Look Ref LL172 -$60

You don't need eyes to look vacant